Sunday, August 16, 2009

beach day

A few Thursday mornings ago I woke up early – 5:55am – to get one of the hottest tickets in town - pool passes to the Annenberg Community Beach House (ACBH)!

Now, I love the beach, but only in theory because once I’m there I sort of hate it. I blame the sand completely for my aversion.

Flash forward to the following Sunday. It was my husband’s birthday, and he loves the beach so much, in theory and practice, that going to the beach for his birthday has become an annual event. We’d both heard good things about Santa Monica’s new beach house, so I figured we should check this place out.

The early wake up call 3 days prior to get those pool passes was totally worth it! Here’s what I loved about ACBH… there are plenty of chairs and tables on deck for everyone who’s there, you can move deck furniture wherever you want (and the staff will help you do this), you can eat poolside (no glass bottles or alcohol), you can bring your own food or get stuff at the café (which isn’t too expensive), they have tons of new sand toys for the kids to play with so you don’t have to worry about losing or cleaning your own, it’s environmentally friendly down to the eco-toilets in the locker rooms, and the whole place is pretty much spotless.

I have to admit, we had so much fun eating and swimming that we didn’t exactly make our way down to the beach itself. But, the walkway that they’ve built basically goes from PCH down to the ocean, which seems like it’d cut down on some of my issues with the sand. So, maybe next time.

her twist
Wake up early to make your reservation, and head to the beach house before summer’s over. Bring a great lunch or buy one there. And enjoy a fabulous day at the beach (even if you never leave the pool)!

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