Monday, August 31, 2009

I.T. Girl

My new classroom houses a wonderfully fantastic piece of technology - a Smartboard. This interactive white board is changing everything!

I just revised my first couple of lesson plans of the year, which, among other more exciting things, have always included some handouts on class rules and procedures – necessary, but not exciting. Instead of handouts this year, my students will be writing on what looks like a regular old whiteboard, but instead, it will be a projection of those old handouts on which we will mark the important parts (Rule #1: Follow directions.). I will then save and send this highlighted version of the rules to them and their parents via email with just a few keystrokes.

Between the Smartboard, the Social Bookmarking websites, and Edmodo (twitter for teachers), I am admittedly a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of what has been out there, unbeknownst to me, all this time. Why haven’t I known about this stuff?

As my eyes and mind have opened to what the internet can do, I mean beyond email and Facebook, I've realized something very important. I’m old. Even the new teachers, who are only five or six years younger than I am, are far better at using RSS Feeds and igoogle.

I have crossed the line. I am on the other side of the generation gap. But it’s okay...sort of. I’m trying, and hopefully my small steps with these new tools will grow into bigger ones. I just keep thinking that if I can do this, my students are going to amaze me this year.


I still like paper and pens, but I think I'm crushing on new technology!

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