Saturday, August 22, 2009


Early this summer my three best childhood girlfriends and I miraculously coordinated our trips back to Chicago to overlap for about 3 days. It was fabulous! Three out of the four of us now have baby girls, so we spent our days at the park and the pool, and nights catching up on life. As one would imagine, things have gotten a little more complicated since junior high, with work, marriage, grad school, the economy. But coming back to each other reminded me how special it is to have old friends. The four of us have all left the Chicago area and we’ve forged many new, wonderful friendships. Still, getting together with the girls who you’ve known since 6th grade math class and playing dress-up at sleepovers is nothing short of fantastic. And then watching your own little girls play in the backyard together, I mean, c’mon! I think somewhere in my mind I always knew we’d scatter, but I think part of me also imagined that we’d raise our kids on the same block. It’s hard to be so far away, and yet so close at heart.

her twist

Amazed, proud, inspired, grateful for my fabulous friends.

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